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In First Things…A young Catholic’s plea for clear teaching

Archbishop Charles Chaput shared a letter from a young Catholic man ahead of October’s synod on youth. Society, the 26-year-old wrote, is “roiled in confusion concerning the basic tenets of human nature”, for instance on gender, the unborn child and the family. Young people “urgently need the Church’s clarity and authoritative guidance” ­– yet instead, “under the cloak of pastoral sensitivity”, there has been a “shift away from clarity” and towards “appeasement of modern culture”.

The young Catholic wrote: “Peers of mine who are converts or reverts have specifically cited teachings like Humanae Vitae, Familiaris Consortio and Veritatis Splendor as beacons that set the Church and her wisdom apart. Now they’re hearing from some in the highest levels of the Church that these liberating teachings are unrealistic ideals.”

In an era of “beige Catholicism” and “modern soulless vulgarity”, he wrote, the young also “crave the beauty that guided and inspired previous generations for nearly two millennia”.

He said he hoped this perspective could be conveyed at the synod. “Though deeply troubled by the current state of affairs, we [faithful young Catholics] remain hopeful; and rooted in that confidence, we’re raising large families who will inherit the future of the Church.”

In L’Espresso…Paul VI, the anxious reformer of the liturgy

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