The Unplanned Movie Scholarship will give $5,000 annually for a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy

It is unclear whether the Institute will respond publicly to the letter

Archbishop Wilton Gregory of Washington was questioned over Rossi during a ‘Theology on Tap’ session

Fertility clinics are fertilizing far more eggs than necessary, and indefinitely freezing the embryos they don’t need

Catholics should proceed with caution when ‘communicating’ with the dead

Snopes labeled an obviously satirical story as ‘false’, potentially threatening the future of the Babylon Bee website

The archbishop’s 31 years as a diocesan bishop have shaped, in significant ways, the voice of the Church in the US

An Epstein trial would have raised uncomfortable questions about power, money, sex, and the limits of consent

Florian Huber has a sobering analysis of Germany’s suicide epidemic of May 1945

A generation of pastors stripped the altars and passed out the Eucharist like a leaflet

Our gun problem is at root a problem with human fraternity. Policies alone cannot fix it

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