Pontiff addresses members of the Federation of European Food Banks

The Holy Father also criticised the ‘corporatization’ of healthcare systems

Archbishop says Sundays should be devoted to Mass and ‘technology-free family time’

Only €13.5 million out of a promised €1 billion has been collected so far

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

Police execute search warrants at three sites in Dallas diocese

Canadian Physicians for Life says policy puts pro-life doctors ‘in an impossible position’

The attack took place a day after gunmen killed six people at Sunday Mass

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

October 9, the date of Newman’s conversion, has been optional since 2010

An account on the e-commerce website claimed to be selling ‘Real Catholic Hosts’

If signed into law, the Act will make attempting or performing an abortion a felony offense

Guadalupe Ortiz will be the first lay member of Opus Dei to be declared Blessed

Why did 5,000 march? ‘To give the unborn a voice’

In the heart of New York’s financial district, Stephen F Auth went from managing money to missionary work

More study needed, but for now it “does not proceed”

When we adopted two disabled children, it taught us how to love

A new book argues that Elizabeth Jennings was one of last century’s most important writers

His was the best example in the modern world of living through Gospel values

From our archives: an encounter with the founder of L’Arche

Most canon lawyers seem to agree that the letter fails to demonstrate the obstinate manifestation of heretical beliefs by the Pope

His life was dramatic, but Dome Karukoski’s film is oddly unmoving

Denise Uwimana derived immense courage from her faith after surviving the Rwanda killings

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