‘We do have to be pro-immigration, pro-dignity of all sorts of people. I’m not taking away from that, but I do think that you need to give it a focus.’

The decision comes after a Jesuit school in the same archdiocese was stripped of its Catholic identity after refusing to comply with a similar request

The risk of backlash and threats against the cardinal are so high that he is seeking a ‘safe hideaway’

The club said they ‘understand the demands and message of our players, but we find the timing of their expression inappropriate’

The demonstrators demanded the nullification of Constitutional Court ruling calling for the redefinition of marriage

This was the first Eucharistic procession on Capitol Hill in recent memory

Among the dead is the driver and a seminarian

Judges said the circumstances were ‘unique’ but they would issue a full explanation at a later date

The case ‘raises serious questions about the meaning of ‘best interests’,’ said Bishop John Sherrington

Several players in the rival team reportedly displayed pro-abortion messages while the Vatican anthem was playing

Contemporary evangelisation calls us to enter into a personal relationship with God. What better aid than the image of Our Lord’s wounded Heart?

He admired the Puritan foundations of America, but also saw a profound weakness

Stephen Auth talks to Francis Phillips about his work saving souls in New York’s financial district

The Supreme Court seems to be developing a new test that respects transcendent principles.

Places like Harvard show us what a post-Christian future might look like – merciless and illiberal

Versaldi said the document is a ‘practical manual’ rather than a theoretical or abstract guide

What should a Catholic do if invited to participate in ‘Pride’ events?

The state has no right to impose an ideology on parents

As a chaplain to the Order, I try to serve everyone according to their preferred rite. This new directive is a misstep

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