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Bishops lament ‘tragedy’ of abortion as anniversary nears

Bishops of England, Wales and Scotland criticised an 'erosion of respect' for people opposed to abortion

Morning Catholic must-reads: 24/10/17

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

Archbishop consecrates diocese to Immaculate Heart in Fatima

Archbishop Leo Cushley consecrated St Andrews and Edinburgh while leading a pilgrimage

Bishops lament ‘tragedy’ of abortion as anniversary nears

Bishops of England, Wales and Scotland criticised an ‘erosion of respect’ for people opposed to abortion

BBC accused of suppressing survey showing public opposition to abortion

ICM found very little public support for ‘decriminalisation’

Pope publicly clarifies new translation rules in letter to Cardinal Sarah

‘One can no longer hold that translations must conform in every point to the norms of Liturgiam Authenticam,’ the Pope said

Morning Catholic must-reads: 23/10/17

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

Don’t just accept increasing inequality, urges Pope Francis

Pope says ‘we must aim at civilising the market’

Censorship fears as Philippine parliament fails to renew Catholic radio licence

At least 54 Catholic radio stations are now threatened with closure

Global Catholic population increases by 12.5 million

The total number of Catholics is growing on every continent except Europe

Pope offers prayers after murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia

Pope Francis said he was praying for Daphne Caruana Galizia’s family and the people of Malta

Australian state takes a step closer to legalising assisted suicide

The Victoria Legislative Assembly voted to legalise the practice, however it still needs to be approved by the state’s upper house

Bishops and women priest campaigners sign letter supporting Pope Francis

The signatories praise the Pope’s ‘courageous and theologically sound papal leadership’


Believe it or not, global inequality is falling

It is true inequality has increased in some countries. But globally it is actually decreasing

‘Gunpowder’ may be violent, but that’s how England treated Catholics

Nothing in the show would surprise a Catholic who has been brought up on the stories of the martyrs

If you want to defeat the ‘alt-right’, try reading Benedict XVI

The former Pontiff critiqued globalisation while showing how to reconcile unity with diversity

After the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, can Malta’s reputation ever recover?

Malta today is environmentally wrecked, socially divided and morally compromised

Yes, the rosary is a weapon – but maybe not the way Rupa Huq thinks

The rosary is immensely powerful, but it is God’s strength at work, not ours

At university, it’s risky to ‘come out’ as Christian

Admitting to being religious is hazardous not only for academic reputations, but social ones too

Why Christians could be frozen out on campus

Campus censorship spells trouble for Christians – and it is being driven by professors, not students

We won’t live to see Europe’s Christian revival – but it will happen

Bl John Henry Newman teaches us to wait patiently for the good fruits of our labours

St John Paul II was a sublime visionary, but had an Achilles heel

St John Paul II was a great theologian, but remarkably atonal in matters liturgical and artistic

The heroic priest who found God’s grace in the gulag

Fr Walter Ciszek SJ endured 23 years in Russian prisons and labour camps

The Church of England may be in decline, but it’s got at least one thing right

The Anglicans have detailed statistics on what they’re up against. Maybe Catholics should do the same

The closure of Himmerod symbolises religious decline across Europe

But there may yet be cause for hope