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Alfie Evans granted Italian citizenship

Italy's foreign and interior ministers said they hope he can now be transferred to the country 'immediately'

Morning Catholic must-reads: 24/04/18

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

Alfie Evans granted Italian citizenship

Italy’s foreign and interior ministers said they hope he can now be transferred to the country ‘immediately’

Mother takes Ealing Council to court over abortion clinic ‘buffer zone’

Alina Dugheriu, who was helped by a pro-life vigil, said she did not want women to have ‘vital support’ removed

Pope Francis offers free gelato for homeless on St George’s Day

The Pope asked the papal almoner to distribute ice cream on his name day

Europe risks ‘demographic collapse’, Catholic group warns

Young people are ‘discouraged by policies which are hostile to the family,’ the Federation of Catholic Family Associations in Europe said

Morning Catholic must-reads: 23/04/18

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

German Church could face legal challenge after European court ruling

Requirement for Church employees to have a ‘religious affiliation’ could violate anti-discrimination laws

Mexican priest murdered in his church

He is the 22nd priest to be killed in Mexico over the last six years

Bishop says treatment of Windrush migrants has been unacceptable

Bishop Paul McAleenan welcomed the government’s apology

Rise of gender ideology is deeply worrying, say English and Welsh bishops

The bishops said they hoped for a ‘renewed appreciation of the fundamental importance of sexual difference’

Catholic community mourns mother killed on Southwest flight

The Annunciation School praised Jennifer Riordan’s ‘positive motivating spirit’

Pope Francis says Bishop Tonino Bello was a ‘prophet for our time’

The Pope visited Alessano, southern Italy, the birthplace of Bishop Bello, whose Cause was opened in 2007


Why Catholics should have a great sense of humour

A book on self-esteem by a Benedictine monk reminds us how faith makes us joyful

The ‘Windrush’ scandal shows how callous the government can be

Theresa May and Amber Rudd seem to have forgotten the virtue of charity

Fun and fresh book appeals to hipster Catholics with spiritual swagger

Fresh and original, fun and clever, the book is laden with authentic church teaching

Analysis: America’s new heavyweight

Is Newark’s archbishop emerging as the leader of the ‘Francis party’?

Britain’s great rosary revival

On Sunday April 29, more than 10,000 Catholics will gather around Britain’s coast to say the rosary

Iceland is the latest front in the war on religious freedom

The proposed ban on male circumcision is another example of secular authorities itching to legislate on religious belief

Taking a ‘leap of faith’ doesn’t mean being irrational

Conversion involves trustfulness and self-surrender, not simply impulse

This is how to inspire young Catholics

An upbeat exploration of St John Paul II’s Theology of the Body shows the way forward for catechesis

Why is Macron courting the Church?

Macron wants Catholics to be more involved in public life. Could France’s secular settlement be under threat?

Why are parables so powerful? A screenwriter gives the answer

The most interesting stories are those that break convention. The parable of the Prodigal Son is one of the greatest

A new era for American Catholicism

As Paul Ryan stands down, a new generation of Catholics is thinking differently

The last and greatest of the Restoration comedies

Haydn Gwynne, playing the great comic role of Lady Wishfort, a crumbling superannuated widow, gets lots of laughs