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Dictator Pope author: suspension from Order of Malta ‘wholly illegal’

The Order of Malta defended its procedure, saying that Sire's superior had been 'involved'

Bishop Egan urges Guernsey to reject assisted suicide

In a strongly-worded pastoral letter, the bishop called on Catholics to ‘mobilise’ and ‘speak out’

US Supreme Court considers free speech for pro-life pregnancy centres

If the law is upheld, critics say it could set a dangerous precedent: state-funded pro-abortion activism

Our society has fallen back into paganism and idolatry of sex, says papal preacher

News of abuses and scandals, including among members of the clergy, remind us of this bitter reality, he added

Aborting unborn children with Down syndrome is ‘genocide’, UN told

‘This is a prenatal death sentence given to people who are completely innocent,’ a speaker said

Hong Kong cardinal: dialogue between Vatican and China ‘indispensable’

‘When both parties take a further step, we will find ourselves getting closer and closer to each other, and becoming friends on the path to the truth’

Cardinal Dolan: Democrats have abandoned Catholic voters

‘The party that once embraced Catholics now slams the door on us,’ the cardinal wrote

Dictator Pope author: suspension from Order of Malta ‘wholly illegal’

The Order of Malta defended its procedure, saying that Sire’s superior had been ‘involved’

Morning Catholic must-reads: 23/03/18

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

Confession is not like ‘going to the dry cleaners’, Pope Francis says

Confession is like God’s loving embrace, the Pope said

Pope urges revival of traditional devotion to Five Holy Wounds of Christ

‘Jesus Christ does not appear to his disciples without his wounds,’ the Pope said

‘Dictator Pope’ author Henry Sire suspended from Order of Malta

Sire, a longstanding member of the Order of Malta, was revealed as the author earlier this week

Pope Francis calls mother of assassinated Rio councilwoman

The Pope spoke to the mother of Marielle Franco, whose murder has sparked mass protests in Brazil


Pope Francis on the Our Father: a revolutionary message

His book on the Lord’s Prayer shows a Pope determined to cut through the waffle

Boycotting the World Cup would hit Russia where it hurts

In the popular consciousness, nothing will be more effective in punishing Russia than sporting sanctions

Kenneth Clark had a warning on the future of Western Civilisation

‘One may be optimistic, but one can’t exactly be joyful at the prospect before us,’ the Civilisation presenter said

The scary truth about young Europeans and the Church

New figures show the scale of the challenge facing the bishops at this year’s youth synod

The Catholic who could succeed Angela Merkel

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer brings her faith into the public square. Will it stop her speedy rise to the top of German politics?

Picasso: The atheist obsessed with the Crucifixion

What inspired Picasso to create multiple images of this most Christian of events?

Lettergate: a PR disaster for the Vatican

The letter from Benedict has become the focus of attention. No one now cares about the books

Despite the controversy, we should never forget the good Cardinal O’Brien did

As one journalist said, Cardinal Keith O’Brien was not a monster, he was a weak man

Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?

The question is more complicated than you may think

Analysis: Was Benedict’s letter an endorsement, a critique – or neither?

Benedict’s past statements mean his letter was inevitably of interest

By embracing abortion, US Democrats have alienated Catholics

Pro-life Democratic candidates have disappeared, making it harder than ever for faithful Catholics to back the party

Did George Washington have a vision of Our Lady?

A children’s book recounts a popular legend