South America
July 13, 2022
Eduardo Campos Lima
Colombia’s President-elect Gustavo Petro proposed on July 5 a bilateral ceasefire between the government’s security forces and the left-wing guerrillas – especially the National Liberation Army (known by the Spanish acronym ELN) – that have been active in the South American country since the 1960s. That seems to be an important step in the peace
June 24, 2022
Simon Caldwell
Earlier this week a man fleeing at least one gunman tried to hide in a Mexican church. The assassins followed him inside and in the frenzy that followed two Jesuit priests were murdered as they tried to protect him. The gunmen removed the bodies of all three of their victims from the church in Cerocahui,
December 06, 2021
Eduardo Campos Lima
After riots in a Guayaquil penitentiary left 119 dead on September 28 and 62 dead on November 12, activists of the local Prison Pastoral Ministry have been warning that new rebellions, equally lethal, may happen again in the near future.  The city’s largest prison, known as Litoral (Coastal) Penitentiary, has been the stage for brutal disputes between
August 20, 2021
Eduardo Campos Lima
After three months of continuous demonstrations against President Iván Duque’s administration, Colombia does not seem to be any closer to a political solution for the widespread social unrest.  The Church had been mediating talks between the government and social movements. Although the negotiation with part of them was suspended, Catholic leaders are still trying to
July 08, 2021
Eduardo Campos Lima
According to the Italian-born Bishop Adriano Ciocca Vasino of the Prelature of São Félix do Araguaia, there is a clear progression “from statements to concrete actions” by the Brazilian Church in relation to the Bolsonaro administration. “The situation looks intolerable. In a country with a minimum level of democracy, the current state of affairs would have changed long ago,” he told the Catholic Herald.
June 03, 2021
Christopher R. Altieri
The troubled Latin American nation of Venezuela has been in the throes of political and economic crisis for years. 90% of people live below the poverty line and basic necessities are in chonically short supply when they are available at all. 
May 26, 2021
Eduardo Campos Lima
According to Luis Ventura, a lay missionary at the Bishops’ Conference’s Indigenous Missionary Council (known as CIMI), there have been at least two firearm attacks against Yanomami communities in the Amazon since March.
May 20, 2021
Staff Reporter
In their message, the bishops insisted that “violence, with its multiple forms and expressions, no matter where it comes from does not solve anything, and produces suffering and death.”
March 22, 2021
ACI Prensa
Due to the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic and the overwhelmed healthcare system, President Sagasti has announced classifications of the country’s regions into three levels, according to the severity of the pandemic: High, Very High and Extreme. In the Extreme category, churches and places of worship may not open. However, stores and shopping centers are permitted to be open at 20% capacity, and restaurants with indoor ventilation may open at 30% capacity.
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