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November 03, 2020
The young people hoping to become adults this year are facing some serious road blocks. Last week, a 30 minute documentary aired on BBC Panorama called Has Covid Stolen My Future? The programme interviewed young people and graduates across the country who can find no work or who have had paid traineeships taken away. Unemployment
October 18, 2020
A government-backed advertisement campaign encouraging people to consider careers in cyber security has been removed after angry backlash. The advertisement pictured a ballerina alongside the caption: “Fatima’s Next Job Could be in Cyber (she just doesn’t know it yet)”. The campaign, released by government programme CyberFirst, was criticised for undermining the Arts. The advertisement came
September 29, 2020
3,000 students across the country are in forced isolation, threatened with fines and arrest if they try to leave their halls of accommodation- even those who have been tested for Covid and found to be negative. At MMU (Manchester Metropolitan University), 1,700 students have been told to quarantine for a fortnight – their halls patrolled
April 29, 2022
Literary critic & writer
April 01, 2022
Leaders Pray for peace in Ukraine How one book changed perceptions of the Reformation in England Celebrating the truth of Christianity at Easter FeaturesDiary – Jonathan Bate John Goddard – The tale of his conversion, Simon Caldwell Thinking with Scruton – The philosopher’s Christian understanding of the world, Karl Gustel Wärnberg The Stripping of the Altars – Reflecting on a groundbreaking work 30 years on, Eamon Duffy
March 30, 2022
Where would you go?  Venice. You can buy a ticket which will get you into 14 churches and it includes a map. Some of the 14 churches are well-known but others are slightly off the beaten track, so if you try and visit the 14 churches in three days you’ll get to go to places
March 30, 2022
The Pope could hardly be clearer about how he sees the war in Ukraine. Speaking in the Vatican at the height of the Russian attacks on Mariupol, named after the Virgin, he declared: “With pain in my heart, I join my voice to that of ordinary people, who are begging for an end to the
March 30, 2022
In this issue we have an extract from the introduction by Professor Eamon Duffy to a new edition of his groundbreaking work of history, The Stripping of the Altars. It was a book that changed perceptions of the Reformation in England; no subsequent account of the period can fail to be aware of it. Formerly,
March 30, 2022
This is our Easter issue, the time when we celebrate the central truth of the Christian faith, that Christ died and rose from the dead. It is summed up in St Paul’s letter to the Corinthians where he says: “What I received I passed on to you as of first importance: that Christ died for
March 02, 2022
Leaders The Order of Malta has the right to control its affairs Walk this way to level up Britain The US Church must encourage freedom from Covid restrictions Diary – Fr Mark Vickers Columns Serenhedd James – Are you self-serving? Niall Gooch – Finding the key to an interior life Legal notebook – The problem with abortion ‘Pills
February 28, 2022
The Pope’s five-year intervention in the affairs of the Order of Malta has not been particularly happy. Some of the Order’s knights and dames feel that the effect of his involvement in its affairs and constitution has been to diminish its autonomy and amounts to an attempt to turn a sovereign order with a unique
February 28, 2022
As the number of people becoming seriously ill or dying from Covid-19 continues to fall given the mildness of the Omicron variant relative to earlier strains of the virus, states and local governments are gradually lifting some of the more onerous restrictions on normal life. In the Church, individual bishops’ conferences are obliged to respect
February 28, 2022
The government’s levelling up white paper, overseen by Michael Gove, is commendable in many ways, not least in being a “moral, social and economic programme for the whole of government”. The document sets out how opportunity will be spread “more equally” across the UK. It aims to “restore a sense of community, local pride and
February 28, 2022
Where would you go?  I would go to Much Wenlock and Wenlock Abbey because it is the site of Saint Milburga, who was an eighth-century abbess from south Shropshire. She created Wenlock Abbey and she was patron of south Shropshire and lepers. She also has a very special relationship with birds. There were pilgrimages to
February 01, 2022
Leaders Crisis of disunity threatens German Church Pope’s gift for publicity has its dangers Columns Serenhedd James – St Benet’s, Oxford hangs in the balance  Ken Craycraft – Why we need Black History Month  Constance Watson – Gospel tips for a good wedding  Niall Gooch – Back to ascetics Stephen Stewart – On policing speech Gavin Ashenden 
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