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November 03, 2020
The young people hoping to become adults this year are facing some serious road blocks. Last week, a 30 minute documentary aired on BBC Panorama called Has Covid Stolen My Future? The programme interviewed young people and graduates across the country who can find no work or who have had paid traineeships taken away. Unemployment
October 18, 2020
A government-backed advertisement campaign encouraging people to consider careers in cyber security has been removed after angry backlash. The advertisement pictured a ballerina alongside the caption: “Fatima’s Next Job Could be in Cyber (she just doesn’t know it yet)”. The campaign, released by government programme CyberFirst, was criticised for undermining the Arts. The advertisement came
September 29, 2020
3,000 students across the country are in forced isolation, threatened with fines and arrest if they try to leave their halls of accommodation- even those who have been tested for Covid and found to be negative. At MMU (Manchester Metropolitan University), 1,700 students have been told to quarantine for a fortnight – their halls patrolled
September 03, 2021
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September 01, 2021
The Christian Leadership Foundation, a charity founded by David Alton in 2012, has completed the first part of its new programme for young people in lower sixth forms. Fourteen young students – mostly 17 years old – met in late July at the Christian Heritage Centre at Stonyhurst for five days of debate, prayer, discussion
September 01, 2021
Where would you go? Assisi. We have been several times before and it has always been a very special place for us. As my wife and I turned 50, we wanted to do a special visit and walk there. But then Covid stopped that. Once the world gets back to normal, we will be on
August 29, 2021
Pope Francis – and indeed Pope Benedict – made a point of being vaccinated publicly; Pope Francis has from the outset expressly supported the programme. Recently he took part in a video to encourage people to become vaccinated: “Getting the vaccines that are authorised by the respective authorities is an act of love,” he said.
August 28, 2021
Early next month, the trial resumes of Cardinal Angelo Becciu and nine others charged with a number of serious irregularities relating to Vatican finances – embezzlement, money laundering and abuse of office. Cardinal Becciu is the most prominent, being not only a former close associate of the pope, but the cardinal responsible for the advancement
August 05, 2021
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August 05, 2021
Where would you go? The walking around Stoke-on-Trent is pretty amazing. I know the area because it is where our factories are. Staffordshire is very little-known and it’s marvellous. At the moment I’m walking in Trentham Park – it’s not exactly a pilgrimage but sort of is because Stoke is a holy grail to me. When I first
August 01, 2021
Pope Benedict lived up to his title of pontifex, or bridge-builder, when he allowed the wider use of the Tridentine rite – more properly the Extraordinary Form of the Mass – in the Apostolic Letter Summorum Pontificum of 2007. There has been 13 years for this concession to advance its stated aim: to foster reconciliation
July 30, 2021
The US Bishops’ Conference is to issue a teaching document “on the beauty and power of the Eucharist”.  It is overdue. In 2019, a Pew survey suggested that barely a third of US Catholics believe in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. This is a scandal, evidence of a failure of grassroots catechisis,
July 29, 2021
The demise of the Universe, a Catholic paper with 160 years of history, is both sad in itself and telling about the condition of the Catholic media in Britain. The challenges faced by the Catholic press are several. The most practical is to do with Covid. Historically, religious papers relied on people buying copies from
July 05, 2021
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July 01, 2021
Assisted suicide is back on the legislative agenda with Baroness Meacher’s private member’s bill to legalise assisted dying in England and Wales for terminally ill adults in their final six months of life. Two independent doctors and a High Court judge would have to assess the request. A second reading is expected in the autumn.
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