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How to … Find a Mass when travelling

The interior of St Mary's Shrine, Warrington, UK (Courtesy John Aron)

The ease with which information can be accessed online is one of the most blessed fruits of the digital revolution. Catholics can harness some of these benefits when, say, they are travelling and wondering where and when they might be able to go to Mass.

In England and Wales, this can be resolved with a couple of clicks on the online Catholic Directory, a free digital resource developed from the weighty tome that sells in hardback at £43 a copy. It can be located at, and gives Mass times and addresses for every church in every diocese. A Scottish equivalent can be accessed at:

If a travelling Catholic is seeking to attend a weekday Mass in the UK, the website found at is tailored to help him or her find precisely what they want.

If travelling overseas, a useful resource can be found at, a site good for the United States but also able to locate Mass times as far away as Moscow.

Catholics should not worry if they cannot find a Mass, even on a Sunday. God wants us to fulfil our obligations but will not punish us when we have tried our best to do so.