Alun Evans

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February 13, 2020
Cryptic across 5 Chartism, the ugly plank of Tory policy (11) 7 Admiral gets Stokes to bowl short (6) 8 Tim’s mum is combining Brussels with the place on the Riviera (6) 9 Fancy opera glasses a gal maddeningly discarded for a quick coffee (8) 11 Golfer left out of Portuguese dance (4) 12 Where
January 23, 2020
Cryptic across 5 Cutting hair first, we become Carmelites (11) 7 Is muse of magic lionized? (4) 8 Book airline to Hawaii in front of thousands of queuing British (8) 9 Jacob’s a king, on reflection (6) 11 Aircraft changes heading to see Henry working in the garden, perhaps (6) 12 Clique in Eastern Europe
January 16, 2020
Cryptic across 1 Midpoint of an OT empire? (6) 4 Boy, with setter aboard, makes for OT summit (6) 9 Historian implied American connection (7) 10 Eventually let Brexit leader in London borough (5) 11 Old West town from a Mailer novel (7) 12 It’s Amos’ place to enumerate koalas passing through (5) 13 Confined
January 09, 2020
Cryptic across 5 Blessings of Sixties music – duet is not in tune (10) 8 Left hospital department after period of abstinence (4) 9 Awe to a few is unnerving (8) 10 Muslim law runs through Kurdish arias (6) 11 Get going after Victoria vacated, to be taken in by relative (6) 12 Philistine place
January 02, 2020
Cryptic across 5 Quickly student is immersed in the sort that’s undesirable around here (6) 7 Relax and breeze past union extremists (6) 9 Not very sophisticated this lot, in this spiel riotously… (11) 10 …announcing (states the old queen), an artist (7) 11 Psalmist, in part, was a phoney (5) 13 Verges on one
December 19, 2019
Cryptic across 1 Was Jesus called thus after a dodgy healing tale? (3,8) 8 In Nevada, east of 17Dn, small number meet the Pope (6,1) 9 Concerning the First Lady, it’s official (5) 10 Council of Rome, without hesitation, rejected the former S African contingent (5) 11 Don somehow escaped from an oddball long-haired tobacco
December 12, 2019
Cryptic across 1 Classical hero, dubious bell-hop, Nero sacked (11) 8 Moral tale of freight train wreck this morning’s adults only (4,9) 10 State of Brazil at the outset of poor investments and union intrigues (5) 11 Rugby commercial appearing during American brother’s sort of reggae music (3-1-3) 12 Permit to get on board frenetic
December 05, 2019
­­­­­­­ Cryptic across 1 Somehow sat out Advent for the Maundy Mass (6) 4 God, sort of, is king of Ammon (6) 9 Pure tee-off: poetry, she said (7) 10 Heading off to ramble like one in a Tolkien novel (5) 11 Nonconformist’s doctrine is to demonstrate wicked sin at Mass! (13) 12 He drove
November 28, 2019
Cryptic across 5 Disastrous blow to harem is getting to apostle (11) 7 Sherry’s heading to France, initially not oloroso (4) 8 Odd call leaving Palaeolithic fragments here in Africa (8) 9 Chap’s about to go to Lincoln; mother to Paris (6) 11 Legally half of Missouri, that’s by treaty, being evacuated (6) 12 First
November 14, 2019
Cryptic across 3 Two boys read quietly in school a letter from Paul (11) 7 Fool little boy to come to a valley near Jerusalem (6) 8 It’s him, making a false stroke (6) 9 Figure it’s a small number to bluff (4) 11 Second to Stornoway, a most wee city (5) 13 A new
November 07, 2019
Cryptic across  3 Seals Herman made for old king (11)  7 Old Anatolian capital African politicians promoted over a year (6)  8 Homer’s Greek, following a king’s example, returned around four (6)  9 Ultimate revolutionary approach, the first one to confront pain (4)  11 Pole gets wine without using the web (5)  13 Slave invested
October 31, 2019
Cryptic across 1 Parallel Bible passage about corn – deacon follows the key (11) 8 Joseph’s lad is right to point to short book’s introduction (7) 9 Hebrew character’s hale physically, it’s revealed (5) 10 Head coverings hot among early Liberals (5) 11 Lover of Theseus deviant Diana imprisoned: king gets close to see (7)
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