Alun Evans

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August 01, 2019
Cryptic across 1 Why best arty type is in Welsh university (11) 9 Chap to come a cropper hiding west of Ireland abbess (7) 10 Charge around this morning, regularly popping in to see David’s great-grandmother (5) 11 One gets to fish all round dynasty’s land in southern China (5) 12 Ethiopian clubbed by coppers
July 25, 2019
Cryptic across 6 1 coming from Lindisfarne, after the Great North Road, goes by the book (5) 7 Benjamin’s place in chat show is to engage host from the outset (6) 9 Fringe characters on both sides chew the fat (4) 10 Runs rings around artist with a rocking trio making the music (8) 11
July 18, 2019
Cryptic across 5 Pope in Rome, Number Thirteen connected to St Lucia – that’s high (8,3) 7 Game with horses left mess all around (4) 8 Herb’s seen with girls, one after another (8) 9 Joe unfortunately hospital detained when, after initial silence, giving the name of a Judah king (7) 10 Book in Ireland
July 11, 2019
Cryptic across 1 Eyes beginning to go, need earliest treatment for transplant fixes (7) 5 Nymph’s impiety rebounds, ensnaring even those who abstain (5) 8 Mature flower? (7) 9 Under Milk Wood: it’s not a poetic description of another Welsh town (5) 10 Missionary in Tibet it usually covers (5) 11 Essence of purity maybe required in
July 04, 2019
Cryptic across 5 City of Macedonia in Amos Philip rebuilt (10) 7 Jerahmeel’s significant other one sailor’s taken to hospital (6) 8 Mix-up sodium in lead for the Ammonite king (6) 9 Reportedly caught by police is a sect member (4) 11 I am the Spanish waiter in Messiah! (8) 13 Rigs include revolutionary new
June 27, 2019
Cryptic across 3 Dubiously approach leader of Yemen in secret matters (9) 7 Wind up on stage? (4) 8 Scandy set noir that’s odd, integrally different? (8) 9 Meeting places in the past one hears about (6) 10 David’s commander of forced labour takes a woman in this morning (6) 12 Capital deposit in bank
June 20, 2019
Cryptic across 5 One in the habit of scaling Cornwall’s southernmost point (6) 7 Israel has what follows a sound backing with university input (6) 8 Sell-by liquors date promoted still, sometimes, here in the tropics (8) 9 One taking a bow inflamed back (4) 10 Step to clean, desecrated about seven weeks after Easter
June 13, 2019
Cryptic across 5 Main tour planned is a beast in ancient Crete (8) 7 Kick from the spirit of the age I get, I sadly miss (4) 9 Transport range introduced, chap foretold (6) 10 Abandoned hysteria’s uncommon in African capital (6) 11 When is, after cancelling chap, the hour lady, shy, nervous, fixed to
June 06, 2019
Cryptic across 3 A gumboil not treated here is the end for Saul (5,6) 7 First to come from ancient synagogues in a region around Ephesus (4) 8 Past it, covered in bloodstains, in the end will flag (3,5) 9 Atlas girl, one involved in petition (6) 10 Cleaner type of hero at Troy? (4)
May 30, 2019
Cryptic across 5 Point to one of 2 being confused, Mary being uniformly good? (5,4) 8 One of a devilish disposition: it’s Santa – not (8) 9 Hate both sides coming out with bad language (4) 10 Musical groups in church love to tax people in America (6) 11 Syrian city drink’s sickly pop (6)
May 23, 2019
Cryptic across 5 Defeated by David, is Zerah dead? (9) 8 ‘God zone’ is marginalized by Americans (4) 9 Native American, a popular author, unfortunately Ike is replaced by a detective as leader (8) 10 He’s cruel if roused! (7) 12 For Joppa, is the future orange? (5) 14 Return of detergent’s acceptable to priest
May 09, 2019
Cryptic across 7 Close to death, drugs Tom’s taken with a Greek spirit (6) 8 Heading east, team from Brussels is first to discover old Roman sea area (6) 9 Getting eBay to deliver some bits, Asa fortified this place (4) 10 Skip this festival? (8) 11 Hindu bigwig’s at home later; he’s composed, almost
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