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March 24, 2016
Cryptic across 6 Kind of black hole appears after a short time to one in Exodus (6) 8 Dried fruit offered in case there’s no bar in the Manchester area (6) 9 Destructive powerful woman is after some back alimony (4) 10 Incarnation of the devil with a parrot’s leg (8) 11 African’s tiny page in evolution
March 17, 2016
Cryptic across 5 Town in Acts of Amos Philip rebuilt (10) 7 Like going around at that time a classical city (6) 8 Judges situation when installing host initially in a chat show (6) 9 Christian in Egypt captured list (4) 11 Canadian city school bearing French name is making daughter rebellious (8) 13 Sees
March 10, 2016
Cryptic across 1 See, ice does melt (7) 5 British and American way at first to get dive bomber (5) 8 German composer bringing in ‘A’ instead of ‘D’ after a back beat, inspires Bartholomew, perhaps (9) 9 Apocryphal image Daniel scorned? (3) 10 State to get in, needing, it’s muttered, sustenance around six (5)
March 03, 2016
Cryptic across 5 Hair we first cut to become monks (11) 7 Where David won when it was healthy to return (4) 8 Book airline to Hawaii ahead of thousands around Britain coming home (8) 9 Heavy cloak worn by girl at the back where she’s praying (6) 11 Be that as it may, these odds get
February 25, 2016
Cryptic across 1 Tense order has shocked locked-up cynic (6) 4 Geordie nearly read back a bit of Virgil’s stuff (6) 8 Irish town’s court is defaced (5) 9 Gung-ho types Zola set about (7) 10 Gather to raise a number (5,2) 11 I am past the final stage of development (5) 12 In Belize,
February 11, 2016
Cryptic across 7 Eastern paper retrospective for Arab or Jew (6) 8 Even ignored a painter’s pervasive noise to see the old pope (6) 9 David left to capture favourite… (4) 10 …for murdering, on a jihad, his boy (8) 11 Language a 7 speaks, a gun man in a raincoat identified initially (7) 13 Son
February 04, 2016
Cryptic across 6 Send up poor Timothy’s pal (6) 7 National agency crash demo without legally being cleared (6) 9 Exist, half extinct, as a medieval scholar (4) 10 Early follower of Jesus, Anne, gets confused with Ezra (8) 11 Rajput school’s intake is a revolting mob (6) 13 One noted pirate in the emptiness
January 28, 2016
Cryptic across 5 Home for Beckham is London or Jerusalem (4,2,5) 7 Girl, you and I regularly get involved with the navy (4) 8 New little house in Rome needs a rake (8) 9 One who’s beatified is one adored at heart (7) 11 Medicinal plant belonging to saint going back (5) 12 One from Bethlehem
January 21, 2016
Cryptic across 7 I’m French, almost: with time I’ll be one with this society (6) 8 You and I running between hospitals – it’s dogged yuppie positive spirit (6) 9 Saul’s pop is the essence of rakishness (4) 10 Greek devil’s holding a girl by leg (8) 11 Is extreme socialism so redundant − in
January 14, 2016
Cryptic across 1 She wrote an American number (6) 4 Zoroastrian wisdom for those who abstain about underwear (6) 8 PS: Hurry, it’s a disaster. His is an empty victory (7) 10 European wife divorced for you, texting material (5) 11 Settle into stable (7) 12 Lots of monks here in area Thomas informally visited
December 22, 2015
Cryptic across 1 Statement of faith, writing after one like Paul (8,5) 8 Inquisitor’s team’s directions to trail army (7) 9 Subject of work to get a kind of spasm about (5) 10 Saint’s name appearing in the ‘Times’? (5) 11 Sink off port lines making a retreat (7) 12 One greeted by Paul belongs
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