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Cardinal was heavily criticised in the Pennsylvania grand jury report

‘In hindsight, it was a mistake,’ the website’s creator said

Three prayers for the Assumption

August 15 is the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Venezuelan Archbishop Edgar Pena Parra will take up a key role in the Vatican

Fr Thomas Rosica said the Church is now ‘ruled by an individual rather than by… its own dictates of tradition plus Scripture’

There was a ‘culture of acceptance of abusive behaviour’ at Ampleforth and Downside, the report says

‘We want to know who in the hierarchy knew about his crimes,’ the signatories said

The Bishop of Jefferson City called for a ‘change of culture among the clergy’

‘The practice, while popular, is not consistent with the Instructions from the Holy See,’ Bishop Robert Vasa said

‘We have reached a point where bishops alone investigating bishops is not the answer,’ the Bishop of Albany said