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There are fears a blood test could lead to abortions based on the gender of the baby

Cardinal Becciu will preside over the ceremony of the feast of the Immaculate Conception

Senior US bishops thanked the Pope for meeting them, but declined to go into details on what was discussed

Proportion of US Catholics with a favourable view of the Pope has dropped from 83 per cent to 63 per cent

‘In these times, it seems like the Great Accuser has been unchained and is attacking bishops,’ the Pope said

Around 10,000 Catholics processed through Liverpool at the close of the Eucharistic Congress

The Eucharistic Congress in Liverpool takes place this weekend, 7-9 Sep 2018

Legatus asked the Holy See for clarity about how the money will be spent

The President told the Daily Caller: ‘The Pope is handling it, I guess, the best anyone can handle it’

A petition, started by the US-based Catholic Women’s Forum, said the Pope’s response so far had been ‘inadequate’