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‘I want a church that knows how to enter into people’s conversations, that knows how to dialogue,’ he said

Mgr Carlo Capella was recalled after the US State Department notified the Vatican of possible violations of child pornography laws

Bishop Matthew Kukah accused Western leaders of ‘turning their backs’ in Christianity

The statue will stand at 154 feet (47 m) tall, dwarfing all other religious statues in the country

The Church’s position on the death penalty is one example of how Church teaching is not static, the Pope said

The relics toured the US during the end of September and start of October

The Pope has the second highest number of followers for any world leader, behind Donald Trump

Here is the full schedule for the Pope’s trip

Pope Francis said the wide variety of Catholic rites in India is not a threat to unity

‘Many of us feel intense pain, as if a dagger had been thrust into our guts,’ said Cardinal Antonio Cañizares of Valencia