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In a thinly veiled attack on President Duterte, the bishops condemned ‘those who have blasphemed God’s Holy Name’

The bishop denies the claims, saying the nun was acting in retaliation after being accused of sexual misconduct

Five of Chile’s 34 bishops have now had their resignations accepted

Court ruled that a requirement for Christian pregnancy centres to notify clients about the availability of abortions violates free speech

The ‘instrumentum laboris’ is also the first major Vatican document to use the term ‘LGBT’

The archbishop’s final resting place has been disputed between the dioceses of New York and Peoria

Calls come after three priests were shot recently in the country

The law permitting assisted suicide was struck down earlier this month

Fr Wolfgang Sedlmeier tied scarf around his head during a Pentecost sermon

The new cardinals include the patriarch of the Chaldean Church and the prefect of the CDF