Archbishop Augustine Di Noia gave the opening address at the Symposium on Religious Life in St Louis

Drones will be banned from the airspace above Rome from December 8 as the Year of Mercy begins

The volunteers rushed the injured to hospital after terrorists opened fire on concertgoers at the Bataclan

‘These refugees are fleeing terror themselves,’ said Seattle Auxiliary Bishop Eusebio Elizondo

‘Terror always seeks to separate us from those we most love,’ the US Catholic bishops said

Questions about US practices in the resettlement of refugees have been raised after Paris attacks

Assembly of Catholic Bishops of the Holy Land has called on the world ‘to stand united against terrorism’

Pope Francis addressed the crowd gathered in St Peter’s Square on Sunday

Suddenly evoking Islamist atrocities in the Middle East has become rather trendy, which is of no use at all to the thousands who have already been butchered

Governments must deprive terrorists and terrorist apologists of their passports; not to do so is illogical