Middle East Christians

The State Department will instead send the money directly to Christian charities

“We’ve been not only abandoned by the Western countries, we have been betrayed”

One policeman was killed in the shooting near the Egyptian monastery

The Minya Coptic Orthodox Diocese said that celebrations will be limited to liturgical prayers ‘without any festive manifestations’

Mgr John Kozar, international president of CNEWA, said daunting challenges face Christians who return to their country

Christian minorities from Iraq and Syria left feeling ‘betrayed’ as humanitarian assistance fails to reach them

Until the murderous persecution of Christians by ISIS is recognised for what it is, its perpetrators cannot be brought to international justice

America and Britain have helped to endanger minorities in the Middle East

Violence in camps has intensified as the country expects 800,000 people this year

Cardinal Nichols and Archbishop Martin say the schools are facing ‘impossible cuts’