Middle East Christians
September 29, 2015
Violence in camps has intensified as the country expects 800,000 people this year
September 17, 2015
Cardinal Nichols and Archbishop Martin say the schools are facing 'impossible cuts'
August 31, 2015
Bishop Melki was beheaded a century ago for refusing to convert
June 10, 2015
Atheists share with Christians the plight of being persecuted worldwide for their convictions. They must unite to demand the freedom to follow their beliefs – whatever they may be
June 05, 2015
The appeal to Britain's Foreign Secretary follows a series of mob attacks
February 26, 2015
Latest report says at least 220 Christians have been abducted by the group
January 05, 2015
Turkish government gives go-ahead to Syriac church in Istanbul
December 08, 2014
Speaking at European meeting, Archbishop Mamberti also condemns religious intolerance and anti-Semitism