February 15, 2017
A transgender man is suing a US hospital for allegedly refusing to carry out a sex change operation on religious grounds
February 13, 2017
The Pope was speaking to patients and medical professionals ahead of the World Day of the Sick
September 26, 2016
In modern society, fear of God has been replaced by fear of death
September 19, 2016
The trip to the babies' ward of Rome's San Giovanni Hospital was part of the Pope's Mercy Fridays activities
September 12, 2016
Giuseppe Chiolo, who is being treated at an oncology ward in a Florence hospital, wrote to the Pope with a request to meet him
September 05, 2016
Two books highlight a pair of doctors who truly recognised the privileged position they were in
August 09, 2016
The My Body Back clinic, based at the Royal London Hospital, provides extra support to women who have experienced sexual violence
August 09, 2016
The suicide blast left at least 70 people dead and more than 120 injured