August 08, 2022
The Catholic Herald
Pope Francis met deputy leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Antonij, at the Vatican late last week. The meeting was part of ongoing ecumenical contacts between the Papacy and the Patriarchate of Moscow. It followed a video call between Pope Francis and Orthodox Patriarch Kirill of Moscow in March, shortly after the war in
August 04, 2022
The Catholic Herald
Some popes, like St Gregory the Great, are outstanding embodiments of Christian virtue. But the popes of the last century were not set in that mould
July 21, 2022
The Catholic Herald
Unless you happen to live under a rock, you won’t fail to have noticed that the UK is currently being forced to endure yet another underwhelming Tory leadership election contest – the ruling party having defenestrated its leader and Prime Minister, it now falls to a small coterie of party members to select from a
July 19, 2022
The Catholic Herald
The Pope has said his trip to Canada – which will begin this coming Sunday – will be a “pilgrimage of penance” to help heal the wrongs done to Indigenous peoples by Catholic priests and nuns who ran abusive residential schools. As reported by Reuters, the trip – which will last until the following Saturday
July 18, 2022
Simon Caldwell
Watching Boris Johnson flounder in the twilight of his premiership one couldn’t help but feel that the outgoing Prime Minister had somehow, to apply the words of Cardinal St John Henry Newman, served as a breakwater against errors more fundamental than his own. With his departure, Penny Mordaunt is emerging as a serious candidate to
July 15, 2022
The Catholic Herald
It is no secret that America’s Catholics are deeply divided. Even before the Dobbs ruling last month, the Pew Research Center discovered deep divisions on attitudes towards abortion, but with some correlation between Mass attendance and opposition towards the practice. After the Supreme Court ruling, Pew found that 51 per cent of American Catholics disapproved
July 12, 2022
The Catholic Herald
The US Government is continuing its fightback against the Supreme Court and the decision in Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which overruled Roe vs. Wade. As reported by Reuters, the Biden administration yesterday said healthcare providers must offer abortion services if the life of a mother is at risk, and that procedures conducted under
July 06, 2022
The Catholic Herald
In a major blow to Chinese Catholics, the Pope has indicated the Vatican’s secretive deal with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will be renewed once again. Coming just a day after reports that the Vatican’s unofficial representative in Hong Kong warned Catholics the freedoms of the past were over, Pope Francis said he hopes the
July 01, 2022
The Catholic Herald
Could the Pope stop World War 3? No, this isn’t about Ukraine. Aside from the fact that ship largely appears to have sailed, the chances of the war in eastern Europe developing into a full-blown international conflict (currently) appear remote. The West has refused to impose a no-fly-zone, instead limiting itself to arming Ukraine, which
Are the modern rites really what Vatican II intended, asks Hugh Somerville Knapman OSB
June 30, 2022
Staff Reporter
Less than a week after the US Supreme Court announced its explosive decision to overrule Roe v. Wade – returning the authority to legalise abortions to individual American states – the Pope met with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, an Italian-American Catholic, in Rome. Pelosi later received Communion during a Papal Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica.
June 29, 2022
Ken Craycraft
The Dobbs decision is a major step in fumigating the lawlessness of Roe v. Wade, writes Ken Craycraft
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