November 06, 2020
Katie Ascough
Without beauty, the Church will slide into cultural irrelevance
November 06, 2020
Dan Hitchens
It’s the bishops, not Boris Johnson, who are ordained to run the Church
November 04, 2020
Matthew Schmitz
Why the Left has changed its criticisms of the right
November 03, 2020
Nick Hallett
The British government’s announcement of plans for a second prolonged round of restrictions on commerce and social activity did not sit well with senior clergy in England’s Catholic Church. At least six bishops have questioned the decision to ban public acts of worship from Thursday, including the president and vice-president of the Bishops’ Conference. Almost
October 21, 2020
Christopher Altieri
I’m dating myself, but I remember the 1988 vice presidential debate, in which Lloyd Bentsen savaged Dan Quayle in one of the great moments of verbal sparring in an electoral campaign. “Senator Quayle,” began Tom Brokaw, “I don’t mean to beat this drum until it has no more sound in it — but to follow
October 15, 2020
The Catholic Herald
Where would you go? As it’s not an easy time to go abroad at the moment, I’d like to go somewhere in Wales. I’ve never been there but I want to after recently watching Coast, the TV show. It looks so beautiful, you can’t believe it. I flew over Wales once on the way to
October 15, 2020
Jessica M Dalton
A Polish princess of the 16th cen­tury, Katarina Jagellonica is an unlikely model for the 21st-century spouse. Yet, as mixed marriages increase and lawyers report a surge in divorce enquiries, there’s much to learn from her life, which was defined by both her Catholic faith and devotion to her Lutheran husband. This was a marriage
October 14, 2020
Constance Watson
Thailand is subject to more entry restrictions than there are pages in this magazine
October 09, 2020
Sarah Sands
Sarah Sands remembers 'doing God' on the BBC
October 09, 2020
The Catholic Herald
A Glastonbury prophecy Congratulations to Charles Coulombe on his fine article on Glastonbury, and especially for his update on recent developments such as the new Benedictine community. My first book, King Arthur’s Avalon, concluded with a quote from Austin Ringwode, the last surviving monk of Glastonbury Abbey: “The Abbey will one day be restored and
October 09, 2020
Mary Kenny
For many years, my aunt Maureen was the organist at a very pretty church in the Dublin suburb of Foxrock (famous now as Samuel Beckett’s birthplace). Our Lady of Perpetual Succour has an attractive Italian-type campanile, and is very fine stonework. And so, on a mild autumn weekday in September, I decided to go there
September 29, 2020
Melanie McDonagh
John Finnis looks back on a public storm - and on his lifetime studying philosophy, law and Catholic teaching