March 17, 2021
Charles Collins
Synodality has become the buzzword of the present pontificate – Pope Francis has used the Synod of Bishops as the chief tool of pushing his agenda – only, what does "synodality" mean?
March 16, 2021
Peter Wolfgang
Maybe Peter Wolfgang just doesn’t love freedom and Jesus enough. Still, it's fair to wonder - as he does in this piece - how much the reaction of our own tribes this past year was due to patriotism or Catholicism, and how much of it was simply that same desire to not lose control?
March 14, 2021
Christopher R. Altieri
...an exercise of brute force clothed in a gossamer administrative fig-leaf, with implausible reason given — raising questions of the true motive — ill-considered, ad hoc, juridically slapdash at best,...
The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights pointed out the increased use of DNACPR notices in a September 2020 report, which particularly criticised their issuance for persons with learning disabilities or other similar impairment, solely or primarily on that basis.
March 12, 2021
The Catholic Herald
Pope Francis’s recent visit to Iraq has been called “courageous” as well as “reckless”  — but little in between. He described himself on the journey as “a pilgrim of peace” bearing a message of fraternity. Whatever else it was, the visit was certainly historic. Here, in one place, from start to finish, is all the
March 11, 2021
Lauren Pope
Much of the conversation about abortion, and especially about late term abortion, is really a coded defense of ableism, writes a mother who's faced a poor prenatal diagnosis and said, "No," to her doctors' advice that she abort her child.
March 11, 2021
Bo Bonner
People claim minimum wage laws will only cost people jobs and kill businesses. But only because they accept one narrative and treat it as an objective fact, when it's not.
March 10, 2021
Mary Pezzulo
Sixteen signs that you're in Narnia, that have nothing to do with heroism
March 04, 2021
Steven D. Greydanus
Raya is a mythic tale about an intrepid young princess leaving her homeland on a quest to save her world from an intangible menace ... but does it deliver?
March 03, 2021
David Mills
Sometimes we need to speak ill of the dead. We may need to speak critically when the dead is a public figure whose memory his ideological allies use to promote their cause. When political people memorialize him in a way that establishes their favored political narrative. We must criticize to try to establish the truth. And as Catholics, we should be critical for another reason.
March 01, 2021
Olenka Hamilton
Subjecting those in need to mindless activism, when compassion is required, does more harm than good, says Olenka Hamilton
February 27, 2021
Charlie Camosy
The pandemic has accelerated the closing of Catholic schools, as parishes and diocese bleed money. It also offers a rare chance to make Catholic education important again.