The Holy Father also prayed for ‘the cross of the Church, your Bride, who feels herself continually attacked from inside and outside’

‘The final word is not and never will be injustice and oppression,’ says papal preacher

Holy Father washes feet of prisoners at men’s jail on the outskirts of Rome

Moroccan national suspected of planning an attack during Holy Week celebrations in Seville

‘Let’s hope that eventually that language is a little less hurtful,’ cardinal tells NBC

Trump also commented on the Cathedral’s ‘amazing beauty and great symbolism’.

The passage is remarkably similar to a 2014 blog post criticising Catholic theology

The weathervane contained one of the thorns from the crown of thorns and relics of saints Denis and Genevieve

Police said he had a car nearby to escape the scene of the cathedral

‘It reminds us that we are greater than our brief mortal lives and the petty pursuits that fill it’

Cardinal Nichols and Justin Welby called on the government to do more to help persecuted Christians

Aberdeen Life Ethics Society claims it has been unlawfully discriminated against

The campaign to rebuild the cathedral has so far raised half a billion euros

Fr Jean-Marc Fournier saved the relic along with the Blessed Sacrament

The Hindu nationalist government had tried to turn the day into an ordinary working day