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June 07, 2021
When Sister Margherita Marchione died recently, at the age of 99, the New York Times, to its credit, published a lengthy and sympathetic obituary. Less to its credit was the clumsy anti-Catholic mistake in the obituary. A mistake the newspaper then, surprisingly, corrected.
March 19, 2020
If there was ever any expectation that the coronavirus would be relatively brief and contained, that idea has long since disappeared. On March 11, the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared that coronavirus, or Covid-19, was now a “pandemic”, a term used only when a disease has become truly calamitous. Detected in China late last year,
December 05, 2019
Editor’s note: This article went to press before news broke of the postponement of Fulton Sheen’s beatification. Upon learning of this breaking news, William Doino Jr, the author of this piece, wanted to make this statement: “When I wrote and completed my article celebrating Archbishop’s Sheen’s life and legacy, shortly before this latest news broke,
November 14, 2019
The history of the Catholic Church in Japan is one of triumph, tragedy, but above all perseverance. After St Francis Xavier and his fellow missionaries entered the country in the 1540s, the Church’s efforts were a striking success, bringing in 300,000 converts over the next 60 years. But local leaders resented these dramatic inroads from
October 17, 2019
John Henry Newman’s extraordinary influence on the Church – and well beyond it – ensured that his canonisation on October 13 received international attention. And yet, on that same day, without comparable fanfare, Pope Francis canonised four additional saints – each a woman, hailing from different parts of the globe, and each extraordinary in their
February 25, 2019
The word “gentleman” has largely fallen out of favor, which is a shame, because there isn’t a better word to describe Philip Trower, an elegant Catholic writer whose long life came to an end on January 9th. He was 95, and leaves behind a rich legacy. I was good friends with Philip for many years,
July 12, 2018
It is easy to become disenchanted with politicians. But historically, and even in modern times, there have been some admirable ones. Some have even become saints. St Thomas More, the 16th-century martyr – executed by King Henry VIII for refusing to condone the annulment of Henry’s marriage and to place Henry’s authority above the pope’s
April 05, 2018
Last November, Pope Francis began a remarkable cycle of catechesis on the Mass. These reflections, which have gone largely unnoticed, are strikingly traditional, undercutting the media image of Francis as a doctrinal revolutionary. In his addresses he has highlighted three essential points. 1) The Value and Meaning of the Mass. In his opening remarks, the
August 03, 2017
In 1952, 10 years after her tragic death at Auschwitz, the New York Times called Edith Stein “one of the leading philosophical minds of our times” and a “heroically saintly figure in her adopted Church”. It underscores the chief paradox of Stein’s life: how a modern woman who became a Carmelite nun and saint –
December 14, 2016
Major historians such as Sir Martin Gilbert have demolished the myths first perpetrated by the Soviet Union
September 01, 2016
When hundreds of thousands of people flock toward St Peter’s Square on Sunday for the canonisation of Mother Teresa, it will mark the culmination of the great nun’s posthumous honours. Long recognised for her exceptional charity and holiness, Mother Teresa overcame many challenges in life, making her road to sainthood all the more impressive. Born
July 14, 2016
Catholics throughout the world have often taken the lead in opposing abortion, euthanasia, war, racism, hunger, poverty and pollution. And for that, the Church should be extremely grateful. But when it comes to taking a stand against sexual immorality, many of these same Catholics lose their voice. Nowhere is that silence more deafening that on
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