The Catholic Herald

Francis gave a six-minute homily at a small Vatican parish church on his first Sunday as Pope

One of Pope Francis’s first official acts was to meet all the cardinals at the Vatican’s Clementine Hall

On Thursday evening, Pope Francis was given a silver colored key to unlock the doors of the papal office

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During his first morning as Pope, Francis prayed for nearly 30 minutes at the altar of Rome’s Basilica of St Mary Major. Before he left he greeted a married couple and gave a blessing to the lady, who was pregnant

Just moments after being elected, Pope Francis gave his first ‘Urbi et Orbi’ blessing as he stood on the balcony overlooking St Peter’s Square

Let’s pray that he will inspire all Catholics to join him in the urgent task of rebuilding the Church

The conclave is officially underway. The doors of the Sistine Chapel were closed just moments after Msgr Guido Marini announced the famous Latin phase: ‘Extra Omnes,’ which roughly translates to ‘Everyone Out.’

The 115 cardinals processed into the Basilica to begin the Pro Eligendo Pontifice Mass