JD Flynn/CNA

Hoeppner is accused of thwarting an investigation into clerical sexual misconduct in his diocese

Fr Jose Granados suggested that the chair of fundamental moral theology, scheduled for elimination, be retained

The cardinal is accused of selling archdiocesan land at undervalued prices, for a loss of $10 million

The archbishop’s 31 years as a diocesan bishop have shaped, in significant ways, the voice of the Church in the US

Fr Jose Granados warned of ‘dangers’ to the original mission of the Institute

A professor added that ‘the continuity of the identity of the Institute is dead’

The ongoing scandal has shaken the Church. How can it recover?

The Bransfield report raises questions over the practice of gift giving, but it’s much more common than many people think

The Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston described the AP’s report as ‘unprofessional, biased and one-sided’

Archbishop Gomez of Los Angeles called the bill ‘an unacceptable violation of our religious freedoms’