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December 03, 2018
“Insincerity was an evil which sprang up within the Church from the first,” wrote Blessed John Henry Newman in 1839. “Ananias and Simon were not open opposers of the Apostles, but false brethren.” Any of us, he said, can affect a certain kind of religiosity without sincerity, any of us can be tempted to put
November 27, 2018
After the Vatican scotched a proposal to address the crisis, the world is watching what the Church does next
November 10, 2018
The bishops are holding their first formal meeting since the summer's scandal began
October 26, 2018
Bishop Martin Holley claims he was removed at the behest of Cardinal Wuerl
October 14, 2018
Two weeks in, decisions about the synod’s rules have still not been announced
October 09, 2018
Some in Rome see calls for transparency as a covert attack on Pope Francis
October 08, 2018
Cardinal Nzapalainga also warned against the 'ideological colonisation' of Africa
October 04, 2018
Several members of the US delegation are known as original thinkers and leaders
September 12, 2018
In a letter to priests, the cardinal said he wanted to discuss his resignation ‘in the very near future’
September 04, 2018
The story is simple, but the fallout has been complicated
August 25, 2018
The next Archbishop of Washington faces a very difficult task
August 23, 2018
The new allegations go back as far as the 1940s