Fr Raymond de Souza

Mercy is absolutely at the heart of the Catholic faith, both doctrine and practice

The friends of Francis are urging him to take a revolutionary step after the synod. But there are good reasons why he might reject their advice

Francis has steadily prepared the Church for change. It’s foolish to ignore the signs

The Holy Father denounced many of the synod fathers as being Pharisees rather than good pastors

A new proposal on conscience is a frontal assault on the teachings of Veritatis Splendor, Gaudium et Spes and Cardinal Newman

If the synod ends without an official decision on Communion for the divorced and remarried then the uncertainty and acrimony will be prolonged

The question before the synod is whether people today are capable of conversion

For good reason, commentators on the Catholic Left could hardly contain their excitement at the papal visit

St Philip Neri was a gentle and joyful saint who had a particular gift to offer the Eternal City

Every time the ‘Kasper proposal’ has been rejected, Pope Francis has kept the discussion going