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Stepan Sus, 38, was consecrated a bishop in the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

The South Sudan government and rebels fighters signed a peace declaration in Rome on Sunday that goes into effect on January 15

‘The current tensions are threatening the serious fragility of the communities,’ Warda said

The Magi brought gold to the Lord to tell him that nothing is more precious than he, the Pope said

Pope Francis has apologised for losing his patience with a woman who grabbed his arm in St Peter’s Square on New Year’s Eve

Pope Francis said that the light of Christ is greater than the darkness of broken family relationships or the suffering endured in economic, geopolitical, and ecological conflicts

The Great Al-Tahira Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Bakhdida will be restored in the New Year

Pope Francis expressed hope that the nativity scene in St Peter’s Square will serve as a reminder of what Christmas is truly about

Nativity scenes are a ‘wonderful sign’ that should be displayed more widely in public places, Pope Francis said