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‘Only humility can find the Truth, and the Truth in turn is the foundation of Love’

Archbishop Caccia will succeed Archbishop Bernardito Auza

The crypt of St Mark’s Basilica was completely flooded after Venice’s water levels hit the highest level in more than 50 years

‘Today the practice of persecuting the Jews has begun again,’ the Pope said

We must ‘always build bridges, always reach out’, says Holy Father at general audience

Pope Francis asks for prayers for the victims of violence in the Tewahedo Orthodox Church in Ethiopia, who have been targeted since violent protests broke out in the country two weeks ago.

‘They do not belong in a Catholic church,’ says Alexander Tschugguel in a YouTube video

The feast of Our Lady of Loreto will be an optional memorial to be celebrated on December 10

Controversial statues that the Pope said might be displayed in the basilica for the closing Mass were not present

Synod fathers urge Church to define ‘ecological sins’