Cindy Wooden

The group said that, far from questioning Church teaching, they were simply seeking to ‘reconstruct’ the composing of the encyclical

Archbishop Luis Ladaria Ferrer SJ is new prefect of Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

The Pope said cardinals are called to be grandfathers who help young people find meaning in their lives

The film maker said the film was part of a journey ‘to get to know Jesus better’

Clergy in Nigerian diocese must write to Holy Father asking for forgiveness by July 9

‘Today, in one moment, we became orphans,’ said his successor, Archbishop Shevchuk

Fr Alexandre Awi Mello, who will serve in the dicastery for laity, family and life, has written a book about Francis’s devotion to Mary

The Holy Father startled residents of Ostia, who had been expecting a parish priest

Fr Salvatore Perrella says the Church has not yet distinguished between the phases of a particular series of apparitions

The superiors discussed the matter with the Pontiff on April 10 to discuss the steps being taken to ‘create communion among the different orders of the Franciscan family’