Cindy Wooden

Gossip is one of the worst enemies of harmony, the Pope said

The Pope met 16 Rohingya people on the second day of his trip to Bangladesh

The Pope also thanked the crowd for their ‘generosity’ in travelling so far to see him

General Min Aung Hlaing heads the military, which remains highly influential in the country

Pope Benedict’s ‘prayer and his discreet and encouraging presence accompany us on our common journey,’ Pope Francis said

Pope says ‘intent to end life’ is completely different from withdrawing excessive or inappropriate medical treatment

It is important that spouses and parents are not left alone in their commitment to applying the Gospel, the Pope says

Sr Margherita Marin says she and a fellow nun discovered the Pope. His pontificate lasted just 33 days

‘One can no longer hold that translations must conform in every point to the norms of Liturgiam Authenticam,’ the Pope said

Pope says ‘we must aim at civilising the market’