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An estimated 10,000 pilgrims attended Mass at the opening of the National Prayer Vigil for Life

Bishop Barry Knestout announced ‘with great sadness’ that Susan Haynes had decided to find another location for her consecration

Bishop Knestout called the ‘offer of hospitality to a Christian neighbor in need’ an ‘act of charity and well within the teachings of ecumenism’

Christian communities in the Middle East are likely to suffer renewed persecution in any instability following recent U.S. airstrikes, experts have warned

The median length of a sermon was 37 minutes, but for Catholic priests, the average length was just 14 minutes

Bishop Paul Sirba of Duluth, Minnesota suffered a heart attack before offering Sunday Mass

Cardinal says priests would sooner die than violate the Seal of Confession

At present, Ohio law bans abortion after the 22nd week of a pregnancy

Pew reports that 74 per cent of Catholics have no objections to couples cohabiting