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May 28, 2020
Howard County, Maryland, has reversed a policy that banned the consumption of any food or drink during religious services, effectively preventing the licit celebration of Mass.
May 28, 2020
The Archdiocese of Baltimore said it has 'serious concerns' about public health guidance from Howard County, Maryland, which prohibits the reception of Communion as a condition for churches to reopen
May 27, 2020
Howard County has prohibited the distribution and consumption of any food or drink as part of any religious service, effectively outlawing the distribution of Communion and the celebration of the Mass.
May 01, 2020
Dioceses across the United States and Canada joined together on May 1 to reconsecrate themselves to the Blessed Virgin Mary in an act of united prayer for delivery from the coronavirus pandemic
April 26, 2020
At one event, 9,360 meals were distributed to 1,040 families
April 24, 2020
A recent supreme court ruling permitting the euthanizing of dementia patients creates confusion and raises questions about consent, Cardinal Eijk said
April 23, 2020
Doctors can euthanise patients with severe dementia, provided the patient had expressed the desire while still legally capable of doing so, the court ruled
April 14, 2020
Elise Amez-Droz’s journey to the Catholic Church began in a place well known for religious fervor, but not exactly known for Catholicism: Salt Lake City, Utah
March 18, 2020
What is the significance and power of Mass without the laity present?
March 16, 2020
A researcher from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum says she hopes the opening of the Pius XII archives will give historians a fuller, more transparent image of the wartime pope
March 13, 2020
The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC, will remain open with a normal Mass and confession schedule
February 29, 2020
A hospice in Canada has lost its funding and is being forced to close after refusing to offer and perform medically assisted suicides.