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Since the liturgy has its own structure and rhythm ‘it should not be interrupted to add in our extras’, the bishop said

We are witnessing ‘a continued deterioration, we might even say an assault’ on religious liberty, the Vatican Secretary of State said

The move comes amid a continuing crackdown on the ‘underground’ Catholic Church

‘The government’s aim is to paralyze the diocese,’ an anonymous priest said

Parishioners came to the aid of Fr Marcin Mironiuk when he was attacked after Mass

The proposals would ‘strip unborn persons of any protection – or even consideration – under the law’

A Home Office official cited the bible to claim that Christianity is not a peaceful religion

The cardinal has faced accusations of covering up abuse

‘Santa Muerte’ is a perversion of what the practice of praying to saints is all about

Fr Grou was attacked during daily Mass at St Joseph’s Oratory on Friday