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Voters must hold politicians responsible for failing to stop the radical expansion of abortion in Northern Ireland, Catholic bishops have said

In its own right, the final synodal document has no teaching or binding authority of its own

‘As bishop of this diocese, I ask forgiveness from those who have been offended by this gesture’

An Indiana guidance counsellor has filed a lawsuit against a Catholic school that placed her on administrative leave after she contracted a same-sex marriage, and did not renew her contract when it expired

The exhumation fails to respect the inviolability of the abbey of the Valley of the Fallen as a sacred place, the prior said

Bishop Franco Mulakkal of Jullundur is accused of raping a nun repeatedly over the course of two years

The United Arab Emirates is partnering with UNESCO to rebuild two Catholic churches in Mosul that were destroyed in 2014 by the Islamic State

The roles played by various contributors in the drafting process is not entirely clear

The head of the Vatican’s sovereign asset management body has insisted that the Holy See is not headed for financial ‘collapse’