In his Urbi et Orbi blessing, the Pope called for an end to the fighting in Syria and other war-torn countries

The Prince said religious freedom could be a matter of life and death

It’s time all nations stopped enabling repressive regimes

The bill will attempt to help the US administration combat a worldwide escalation in persecution of religious minorities

Archbishop Pizzaballa said ‘wars and the way of force have not been able to bring peace and justice’

Bishop Antoine Audo of Aleppo asked people to approach the ‘shattered city as if we were coming to the stable in Bethlehem’

Fragile countries have collapsed into civil war and flailing politicians have proved incapable of stopping the mayhem

A vigil Mass that was due to take place at the monastery had been moved to a different church

The papal nuncio to Syria delivered a letter from the Pope calling for ‘international humanitarian law to be fully respected’

Bishop organised the raising of millions of dollars to pay ransom to the Islamic extremists