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Papal Foundation executives seek to reassure donors over ‘unprecedented huge grant’

On the Ahiara dispute and on Bishop Barros, the Vatican has radically changed course

Pope Francis had threatened priests in Ahiara with suspension if they did not accept Bishop Peter Okpaleke

‘Imparare a congedarsi’ (Learning to say farewell) and was given ‘motu proprio’ on February 15

The Vatican confirmed that the Pope’s meetings are regular and ongoing

The Mass comes as the Melkite church experiences growing persecution

Archbishop Apuron reportedly told the Pope: ‘I wanted to see you before I die’

Cardinal Cupich called for a ‘paradigm shift’ in pastoral practice and said that the Pope recognised the need to ‘listen’ to abuse survivors

At this point, there are only four possible explanations for what happened to a crucial letter

At least 10 people have died and hundreds more injured since Tuesday