David Cameron

Bishop Richard Moth has welcomed the Government’s emphasis on rehabilitation for prisoners

The Church is in favour of a strong Europe, but that is not the same thing as a stronger EU

England and Wales’ lead bishop for prisons has said ‘prisoners should be treated as assets to our society rather than liabilities’

Two Catholic politicians have written a letter signed by 60 colleagues calling on the prime minister to exert influence on the UN

We have been bombing ISIS in Iraq for some time now, and it does not seem to have had any decisive effect

The Prime Minister has backed a new report by Aid to the Church in Need into the global persecution of Christians

Bishop Moth says he is ‘extremely encouraged’ by renewed energy over reform

According to the BBC, more than 350,000 migrants have crossed into Europe in 2015

Catholic Church still effectively blocked from opening free schools thanks to admissions’ cap

Legislation to counter ‘extremism’ will threaten free speech for all faiths and give the state the final say on what we can, and cannot, teach our children