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Amoris Laetitia clearly reaffirms the traditional doctrine of the church, Cardinal Onaiyekan said

The arguments against the Church’s perennial teaching are not impressive

Charles Moore said he was glad Pope Francis had been elected, but that the Pontiff may be causing confusion

He said cardinals should be the Pope’s ‘closest collaborators’

Cardinal Meisner was steadfastly loyal both to Church teaching and his close friend Benedict XVI

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Cardinal Meisner, who was Archbishop of Cologne for 25 years, was one of the four cardinals who submitted the ‘dubia’ to Pope Francis

The cardinals who elected Pope Francis hoped for major curial reform. Why isn’t it going to plan?

It is dangerous to the credibility of the Church, that what should be considered good in Germany should be considered wrong in Poland

The Cardinals made the request in early May but have not yet received a response