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Choirs prepare for papal Masses

The new Mass setting by James MacMillan is complete and available to listen to online

Singers will perform before Mass in Glasgow on September 16

Print edition 20.08.2010

Much of The Catholic Herald’s content – letters, reviews, news, extra comment and features – is not available online. This week, Fr Gerald O’Collins replies to Philip Pullman; Ed West meets atheist-turned-Catholic philosopher John Cottingham; Damian Thompson reports from the Proms; and Bishop John Jukes explains that at the age of 87 he still cherishes the gift of lifelong celibacy. Plus, John de Waal asks Catholics to be charitable in the face of the online atheist mob.

Teachers make papal chair

The chair will be used by Pope Benedict XVI at the beatification of Cardinal Newman

Exhibition will include the cardinal’s robes, hat, a pot of his quill pens, and a shell engraved with the Immaculate Conception

St John Kemble (August 22), a much-loved Catholic priest whose execution was horribly botched

Police must return all documents seized during a raid on Church headquarters in June

Scripture readings for the Ordinary and Extraordinary Forms

Twenty-first Sunday of the Year: Isaiah 66:18-21; Heb 12:5-7, 11 & 11-13; Lk 13:22-30

Countdown to beatification Mass in Birmingham begins