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The dramatic figures are still an improvement on 2015, when 180,000 left the Church

The Cardinal also said the decline of faith in Germany was ‘dramatic’

The parents made their decision following the latest medical reports and scans

Justine Greening, who is also Education Secretary, said major faiths should follow public opinion on the subject

John Hayes said that we have ‘lost our faith in beauty, because we have lost our faith in ideals’

A French Catholic group has sent the new statues from Lourdes to Erbil, where they will be carried through the streets in procession

The groom, a student from Glasgow, said it was a great way to prepare for marriage

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The cardinal also said there was a danger of excessive focus on the Pope

‘It is an odd kind of surprise when believers are attacked by their co-religionists merely for fighting for what their Churches have always held to be true,’ the archbishop said