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Polish Church delegates will ‘stick to the understanding of Paul VI and John Paul II’, according to a bishops’ conference spokesman

Cardinal Dziwisz says Polish bishops hope Pope will visit death camp during next year’s World Youth Day

The German bishops’ have announced that it has changed the Church’s labour laws to reflect ‘multiple changes in legal practice, legislation and society’

The EU has said it will strengthen sea patrols by its Frontex border agency and destroy human traffickers’ boats

The bishop was speaking after the latest court ruling in a series of scandals over abuse

Just 16 months to go to celebration as Vatican delegation approves programme

Archbishop of Tunis says westerners can help the fight against ISIS by keeping Tunisia’s tourist industry alive

Commission of bishops compares the rise to the kind of politics that preceded the two world wars

Archbishop Nikolaos Printezis called for patience following Sunday’s election result

Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz preached yesterday at Auschwitz’s Centre for Dialogue and Prayer