Cardinal Nichols said that international assistance is required in the Middle East

The motion calls on the Government to table a resolution at the UN Security Council

While ISIS’s reign of terror lasts, we must do what we can to stop them – starting with today’s debate

The House of Representatives also called for the establishment of a Syrian war crimes tribunal under United Nations authority

The Bishop of Clifton has said Catholics must not limit their solidarity to people of faith

The Middle East is more polarised along religious lines than ever before. Yet recent history shows the region can return to the enlightened tolerance it once enjoyed

The cardinal, who visited Iraq last month, says he is praying for peace in the region

Gerard Russell’s new book poses the question, what can we learn from the variety of religious beliefs found in the Middle East?

The Vatican has released a translation of the speech delivered by Francis at the Apostolic Palace

Delegates talked about the way Christians and Yazidis in Iraq have helped each other