Vatican Bank
December 18, 2019
Two investment funds used by Vatican dicasteries were also used by a major Italian bank to conceal illegal investments for which the bank was eventually closed. On Friday, Maltese media reported that the IOR, or Vatican Bank, is being sued in turn by Optimum for breach of contract; the firm claims the Vatican’s bank owes an
May 23, 2018
The bank's net profit for 2017 was €31.9 million, compared to €36 million in 2016
May 10, 2018
Angelo Caloia is accused of taking €57 million euros off profits from the sale of Vatican properties
March 05, 2018
The trial of Angelo Caloia and his lawyer, Gabriele Liuzzo, begins March 15
February 19, 2018
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February 08, 2018
The former directors, who have already been given jail sentences, face paying damages after bank incurred losses of 47 million euros
December 10, 2017
Holy See promises to ‘further strengthen its efforts to combat and prevent financial crimes’
December 01, 2017
Giulio Mattietti was reportedly removed from his position on Monday