July 21, 2021
Pope Francis has placed very significant restrictions on the saying of the old Mass, abrogating the much more permissive or generous policy of his predecessor Pope Benedict XVI. It is the pope’s call to make. I hope people will accept it or work within proper channels to modify the restrictions. Pope Francis himself could reverse
April 02, 2021
"Fomenting division," Cardinal Cantalamessa said, "is the work par excellence of the one whose name is diabolos -- that is, the divider."
February 06, 2017
The Pontiff made a speech to the leaders of the Council of the Evangelical Church in German
April 06, 2016
Francis met Lizzy Myers, who suffers from a genetic eye disorder, and her family in St Peter's Square today
May 06, 2015
Cardinal Nichols said he and the Archbishop of Canterbury have 'an implicit trust'