Turin Shroud

Sceptics may dismiss the Turin Shroud, but there is good evidence the relic is authentic

Researchers say the Shroud contains ‘nanoparticles’ of blood that are typical of someone who has experienced violent trauma

Barrie Schwortz, a leading expert on the Shroud, spoke at the event

The Pope spoke to a group of young people during his two-day visit to Turin

The Pontiff venerated the Turin Shroud during a two-day visit to the city

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The Shroud of Turin has been put on display to the public until June 24

More than one million people have booked tickets to see the relic which has gone display at Turin Cathedral

The display of the shroud should be ‘a time of grace’, an Italian archbishop has said

Imaging expert rejects claim shroud was used in a 14th-century re-enactment of the Resurrection