St Peter’s Basilica

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Pope Francis has called on archbishops to be brave witnesses for the Church during Mass for Feast of Saints Peter and Paul

Francis celebrated Pentecost Mass in St Peter’s Basilica on Sunday

Entering into the mystery of Easter means ‘going out in search of truth, beauty and love’, says Holy Father

‘True martyrs of Christ do not die with fists clenched but with their hands together in prayer,’ Fr Cantalamessa says

Holy Father urges clergy of Rome diocese not to ‘flirt with spiritual worldliness’

The visit has been organised by the papal aide who came up with the idea of installing showers for the homeless people near St Peter’s Basilica

The Pope says people should leave the confessional ‘with happiness in their hearts and faces radiating hope’

Pontiff marks the World Day of Peace at a Mass in St Peter’s Basilica

Remember that you will be judged, says the Pope, especially on how you used your freedom and cared for the poor