social media
October 14, 2013
Poll suggests only 13 per cent of weekly Mass-goers in America read Catholic blogs
March 27, 2013
Attacks on the Pontiff from the press were expected but are undeserved
January 24, 2013
In World Communications Day message Benedict XVI emphasises the value of 'reasoned debate'
May 17, 2012
Next time you find yourself sucked into a debate with secularists be careful not to make these five classic mistakes, says Peter D Williams
January 24, 2012
Benedict XVI, in an apparent reference to Twitter, says profound thoughts can be communicated even in concise phrases
November 18, 2011
When Caroline Farrow began a blog promoting Church teaching she was staggered by the vitrolic attacks on her by men and women alike
February 07, 2011
Sitting in front of a computer screen for an hour a day can cultivate lonely obsessions
January 26, 2011
Me? I am still struggling – what on earth is Facebook?