sex education
December 26, 2020
"It’s beyond me," says teacher, governor and education consultant Calvin Robinson, "why a Conservative government is pushing this authoritarian approach. The rights and responsibilities of parents to educate their children are paramount."
February 20, 2018
He also confirmed his intention of abolishing the faith school admissions cap
February 12, 2018
A government consultation closes tonight on compulsory sex education in schools
August 04, 2017
On abortion, gender, marriage and sex education, the Tories sound ever more authoritarian
June 01, 2017
Reports show the current approach is dangerous and ineffective. Catholic schools must show a better alternative
June 01, 2017
Evidence suggests pregnancy rates fell sharply in those areas where budgets were most aggressively cut
March 20, 2017
Sir Edward Leigh said the new curriculum must respect parents' rights
February 28, 2017
Plans will see sex education become a part of the national curriculum in schools across the country