February 20, 2021
Active Catholics can look down on the "slackers," like those who go to the "utility Mass" on Sunday evening, for just barely fulfilling their obligation. Some ask why they even bother going.
November 19, 2016
The author says theological differences make ecumenical dialogue hard - but not hopeless
March 12, 2015
Fourth Sunday of Lent, 2 chr 36:14-16 & 19-23; eph 2: 4-10; jn 3:14-21 (year b)
January 16, 2013
Two theologians bear much of the blame, as a new book shows
September 06, 2012
The drama of salvation is one in which we all play a part, whether we like it or not
February 24, 2012
Bishop of Shrewsbury encourages Catholics to regain a 'perspective of eternity'