refugee crisis

During his general audience, Pope Francis urged pilgrims to welcome refugees

During his general audience, Francis made reference to the feast day of St Josephine Bakhita, a Sudanese immigrant

The number of faithful in Syria’s ancient city has fallen from 250,000 to 30,000. Now the war is over, how many of those can be persuaded to stay?

The Archbishop of Westminster also praised Catholics who have taken part in the community sponsorship scheme

The Pope said he simply wanted to understand the suffering that politicians ’cause to the poor’

The cardinal said that many migrants see the Church as the only institution which thinks of them

Spokesman for Würzburg diocese says the attack should not be used ‘as a general indictment against refugees’

The Pope calls for Europe to grant asylum to more refugees as he addresses the faithful at the Vatican

Bishop Paul Mason has been a hospital chaplain and pastoral director at Allen Hall seminary

The bishops said that refugees’ right to human dignity and to protection needed to be upheld