February 17, 2016
It makes no sense to call for the abolition of priestly celibacy on the basis of the Panorama documentary
October 30, 2015
Group of British priests hails the synod's 'brave refusal to accept ideological colonisation'
October 27, 2015
A huge number of exorcism cases has led a to recruitment drive in Manila
September 14, 2015
A report by the Daily Telegraph claims the proposal is part of the Government's anti-extremism strategy
August 17, 2015
Bishop Joseph Wei Jingyi says ordinations are example of the government tightening its control over the Church.
July 22, 2015
Fr Matthew O’Gorman, Fr Mark Higgins and Fr James Cadman were former pupils at a south London school and have all been ordained this year
July 20, 2015
Fr Antoine Boutros and his driver have not been seen since July 12
July 16, 2015
Six clergy have vanished without trace since the Syrian conflict erupted. Many fear the worst, but we must never give up hope that they will be found